BinaryxCommunity-PoweredReal Estate Tokenization Protocol

Expensive asset value already in past

With Binaryx Protocol you will be able to buy a real tokenized estate with only 50$ till unlimited.
Buy, trade and sell your property fast, secure, and profitable at anytime

The next generation DeFi experience with Real Yield

Use your property tokens to borrow and keep earning the highest yield available at the same time

Boosting Economy and scaling Web3

Increasing assets ownership transferring speed with web3 infrastructure

Welcome To The Era Of
WEB3 Assets

1. Property Tokenization

2. Purchasing Property Tokens

3. Claiming Rewards from Rent

Binaryx Marketplace


Property Tokens

Property Token



Property Rent

Rent Goes To Smart-Contact


Sent money


  • MVP Building
  • Socials launch
Q1 2023
  • Binaryx marketplace launch on Testnet
  • Launch on Bali, Indonesia market
Q2 2023
  • Binaryx marketplace official launch
  • Lending Protocol launch on testnet
Q3 2023
  • Lending Protocol launch
  • Launch on Dubai, UAE market
Q4 2023
  • The secondary market launch
    • Launchpad official launch on mainnet
    • Launch on the European market

    Our Team

    Oleg KurchenkoChief Executive Officer
    Dmytro ZeleniyChief Technical Officer
    Dmytro LizanetsChief Marketing Officer
    Andriy MakaveliChief Business Development Officer

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